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Fuller Center Disaster Response

What does disaster response look like?

  • In office at 5:00am
  • At Home Depot by 6:00am
  • At the disaster area with materials set up by 8:00am
  • Then we continue throughout the day, coordinating and working alongside hundreds of our volunteers.

This is not our first disaster response in Mamaroneck. We were first here in 2007 and have been back whenever disaster struck. We’ve also showed up year after year in New Rochelle, Portchester, Harrison, Larchmont and more. 

The night hurricane Ida hit, we were on the ground before first light, waist deep in water to check if people were suck in their homes or cars. 

We don’t just work on disaster response, but we also look to mitigate disasters before they come. The homes we build across Westchester county and the Greater NYC area have won design awards for their flood prevention abilities. These homes have not had a drop of water, protecting those who need it most.

Your donation is important all year, but is especially important now as we build through these devastating floods.

Our goal is to have everyone back in a home. Our gaol is to build better and more resilient. Our goal is to build with love.

We will be here until the flood water recedes and each person has a simple, dry place to lay there heads at night.

Blog post written by Jim Killoran, Executive Director

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