• Homeownership Program

    Application Selection Criteria:

    Partner Families are selected on the following basis:

    1. Current Housing Need
    • Families in need are those whose present living conditions are substandard because of physical condition, overcrowding or safety, and who have no other access to obtaining decent shelter.
    1. Willingness to Partner
    • The Fuller Center is not a give-away program, but a partnership between people of good will and resources and the poor. The success of the program will ultimately be measured by the success its partner families enjoy as homeowners, and that success begins with families who are willing to enthusiastically participate in the construction of their own home and those of others and to make regular payments on their mortgage. A family's willingness to partner is measured by: prompt submission of the application form and all supporting documents, enthusiastic contribution of sweat equity hours and a sincere effort to work with our family services department to resolve credit issues and develop a sound financial plan. This includes mandatory home-buyers education courses and one-on-one financial counseling.
    1. Ability to Pay
    • A foundational principle of The Fuller Center is that families pay for their new home or repairs/rehabilitation on terms they can afford. Analyzing a family’s ability to pay includes determining the family’s income and its obligations. A calculation is then made of the funds available to the family after its monthly obligations are met to pay the mortgage.

    Income Guidelines and Requirements:

    In order to meet the needs of the low income families; homeowners selected will have no more than 80% of the Average Median Income for Westchester County. For example, a family of one would not have more than $67,350 in income.

    • 1 person in family - $67,350
    • 2 people in family - $77,000
    • 3 people in family - $86,000
    • 4 people in family - $96,250
    • 5 people in family - $103,950
    • 6 people in family - $111,650
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