• Application Selection Criteria

    Our Family Services Department will look at three distinct areas of selection criteria when reviewing potential “homeowner partners”:

    1. Your family’s actual housing need based on the suitability of your current shelter.
    2. Your income and ability to pay a monthly zero interest mortgage payment.
    3. Your willingness to participate as a partner with The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater
    New York City.

    All applicants must complete first-time home-buyers courses and undergo one-on-one financial counseling with one of our HUD certified partners

    A small tagline

    Once approved, applicants are expected to maintain their credit score and avoid taking on new debt

    Supporting Documents

    Incomplete applications will not be accepted

    1. Verification of household income- copies of your four most recent check stubs (if employed)
    and copies of award letters for any benefits you may receive, including Food Stamps, AFDC and
    2. State issued ID card or Driver’s License
    3. Social Security Card
    4. Rent/Landlord Receipts- the last four paid rent receipts
    5. Copy of Utility Bill-last two paid utility bills
    6. Divorce Decree
    7. Bankruptcy Papers

    8. W2 Tax Returns

    9. Government Identification

    Sweat Equity

    SWEAT EQUITY—is the unpaid labor invested by homeowner partners in the Fuller Center ministry.


    These hours are a requirement of home-ownership. Sweat equity reduces the cost of the house and increases the personal stake family members have in their home. It fosters partnership with other volunteers and donors; is a key principle of The Fuller Center; and is important in building partnerships across economic, racial and religious divisions.


    The number of sweat-equity hours required of homeowners varies locally, but is usually between 300 and 500 hours.

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