• Veterans Initiative

    Keep honoring those who have served!

    About the Veterans Initiative Program

    As troops return home from post- 9/11 conflicts, attention is increasingly focused on ways to honor veterans and support the transition back home, especially given the current economic circumstances that limit job opportunities and exacerbate availability of affordable housing. The total U.S. veteran population is more than 23.4 million, with at least 2 million post-9/11 veterans. Only 1/3 of the population lives on a military base and the remaining troops and their families are spread out in thousands of communities across the United States. Veterans throughout America were hit hard by the housing crisis. More than 1.5 million veterans spend at least half of their monthly income on rent. As a result, home equity is out of reach for many. Covenant Partners have already begun to develop programs for veterans, particularly those in close proximity to major U.S. bases. Many veterans meet the income and socio-economic profile of Fuller families with 30% to 60% of area median income and paying more than 1/3 of income in rent. A national FCFH Veterans Initiative under the Veterans Build Brand will strengthen the good work already happening, draw on successes and lessons learned and support covenants through our advocacy and networking with government and veterans groups.


    The Five Pillars of Veterans Build

    • Build: Provide simple, decent and affordable opportunities for military service members and veterans in communities across the US to improve their current housing or to become homeowners.

    • Educate: Promote better understanding of military culture among Fuller Center’s civilian supporters and the communities in which Fuller Center Covenant Partners are at work and offer access to veterans for financial literacy programs aimed at supporting successful home ownership.

    • Mobilize: Engage military members, veterans, families, veterans’ groups and all military supporters to serve with and in honor of veterans in volunteer programs in the US and overseas.

    • Employ: Capitalize on skill sets gained from military service with recruitment targeting veterans as Fuller Center leaders, with employment, internships, fellowships, apprentice programs, and national service opportunities.

    • Celebrate: Host regular slate of events, broadening awareness of veterans’ housing issues.

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