• Areas of Impact

    Moquette Row

    This historic neighborhood of 60 plus homes is located in Yonkers. It was initially filled with workers homes for the factories of the nearby carpet mills, but recently many of the homes have fallen into disrepair.


    We are excited to help rehab a veterans home in the area, while also helping to rehab multiple seniors’ homes who are adjacent neighbors. Additionally, our #NMU (No More Ugly) neighborhood revitalization efforts have helped transform the area. Thousands of hours of volunteer labor has been integral in creating planters, painting railings, creating pocket parks and more.

    Battle Hill

    A once blighted neighborhood, we took these former crack houses and zombie homes off the tax roll and turned them into livable homes for veterans and families. All together, we have worked on more than 75 new and rehabbed homes in Yonkers. We have completely transformed whole neighborhoods with our NMU, No More Ugly, movement, and have saved millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. We are beautifying neighborhoods and making dreams come true!

    Disaster Relief

    Do you have a plan in place in case of a disaster? We don't anticipate them but when they strike, it is always good to be prepared After 9/11, Mamaroneck floods, Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, the ongoing immigration crisis and more, having a plan and being ready to act is crucial for the wellbeing of your friends and family.


    Fuller Center of NY volunteers are always ready in case something occurs. Here is some of what our volunteers have assisted with:

    • Mamaroneck 2006: assisted with more than 200 homes in gutting, mucking, and repairing 
    • Hurricane Irene: assisted with repairs and gutting and mucking homes
    • Hurricane Sandy: became a lead rebuilder in the Rockaways and Breezy Point 
    • Puerto Rico: helped to distribute supplies and now the Fuller Center is building in Maunabo

    We also believe a National Disaster University should be created in New You so every utility worker can get a certification and a degree in disaster management.

    This would help ensure the safety of our communities and improve disaster response. Jim Killoran presented the idea to the Moreland Commission in XXXX (need date here).


    If you would like to become a disaster leader, email relief@fullercenterny.org or if you need help call (914) 406-3357.