• Our Community Gardens

    Come volunteer at one of our many community gardens!

    During the Pandemic we believe that everyone should be growing a victory garden no matter how small or large.

    If interested, email DART@fullercenterny.org to find out more

    How GREEN is your neighborhood? Do you live in a food desert?

    A place where you can't get healthy food? Too many of our neighborhoods are currently like this.

    When we look at helping to revitalize a neighborhood, in our NMU initiatives (No More Ugly neighborhoods, anytime anywhere), we look for abandoned lots, rooftops, and more to help to make community gardens. Having healthy food is fundamental to the overall health of any individual, no matter what income level. We have created community gardens in Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, NewRochelle, and more Westchester communities (the Lower East Side years ago too!). With that in mind, we work to build and rebuild; not only homes but holistic hoods for good! If you would like to adopt a garden, please email jim@fullercenterny.org.




    We are constantly looking to save our families money through energy-efficient homes as well as saving the environment. Saving Green can save Green!

    Recently we have been working on passive homes, with triple pane windows, extra insulation and may more advanced energy-saving features. Here are some of our material investments:

    • passive homes
    • homes with solar panels
    • use of structured insulated panels (SIPS)
    • completing energy efficiency studies on finished Fuller Center homes
    • BLUE JEAN INSULATION: partnering with the Cotton Industry, we have been able to help thousands save on cooling and heating
    • and much more….


    Plus there are bike lanes in the neighborhood; it dangerous with speeding cars and most neighborhoods are walkable with crosswalks on every corner. Some of the many areas we look at as we plan out a neighborhood.